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    Blogging Tips #6: Photography & Photoshop

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    I can’t believe this is our last post in this series! It’s been a fun ride and I hope you have found useful tips for blogging, I know I have.  Today’s topic is all about the pictures…

    What tips do you have for taking photos? Camera and lens recommendations? Do you use any products to edit photos or create product collages? Any sites you could recommend for photography or Photoshop help?

    I can’t say I’m much of an expert in this area but I have learned along the way and will share what works for me.  I find taking photos of myself to be one of the most challenging parts of blogging and probably the part I least enjoy. I would love to go “on location” for all of my photos but as a working mom of two young girls (who always come with us to take pictures) I simply don’t have the time to do this.  My backyard especially in the colder months is where I take most of my pictures.  Although I used to be worried about this I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter all that much to my readers. They want to see everyday outfits for style inspiration and are not coming to see amazing backdrops I’m standing in front of.

    One of my main tips when it comes to photography is taking pictures shortly after sunrise or before sunset, what photographers/bloggers call the “golden hour” as this provides the optimal light for pictures.  This time of day is the most flattering and gives you a natural glow.

     I use a Canon Rebel Series DSL camera with a 35mm lens which gives you great depth of field.  This basically means that it keeps you in focus while blurring the background and this provides a nice stylized look.

    When it comes to pictures the most important thing is that they are clear, in focus and large enough. You want to avoid tiny or poor quality pictures as having readers strain to look at what you are wearing completely defeats the purpose of fashion blogging.  Of course outdoor photos are ideal and being able to go “on location” somewhere is always a bonus if you can swing it. When working with companies on a campaign or promoting a product I do always make the effort to take pictures on location somewhere.

    Photoshop is the industry’s leading application for photo editing which has a huge selection of filters and tools you can choose from depending on what you are trying to achieve or if you have a specific aesthetic you want to maintain. There are free courses you can take online or you can go to YouTube for tutorials. I’m fortunate that my hubby helps me with this as he is very well versed in this area.  He will make minor adjustments to pictures such colour correction, removing any unsightly objects in the background that we didn’t notice and cropping pictures to get the best result.  We also use Photoshop to create collages for posts. I generally don’t photoshop myself unless I have a huge zit or something obviously unappealing.

    Be Mindful Of:

    As much as I love fashion it has taken courage for me to post pictures and that was one of the reasons I was hesitant to start a fashion blog.  There are plenty of people who are simply not into fashion and don’t have an appreciation for it.  Unfortunately many of these people will interpret posting pictures as self-indulgent, superficial and that perhaps you are doing it for some type of “fame”.  All of these are judgemental and inaccurate assumptions as to why most of us blog about fashion. I have also on a few occasions received offensive comments regarding my appearance.  This is a downfall of posting pictures but I hope this wouldn’t deter anyone from pursuing their passion as hateful people are everywhere and yep it’s so true that “haters gonna’ hate”.

    This is a blog-hop so next visit Deena from Shoes To Shiraz for more helpful advice.

    If you missed the first five posts in this series check them out here. Thank you so much for joining us!

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