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    Steals Under $90: Ultra Violet

    1.Lace top / 2. knit sweater / 3. stud earrings / 4. shoulder bag / 5. liquid eye shadow / 6. patterned skirt / 7. nail polish / 8. lace midi dress

    Hello my friends, I apologize about being MIA as of late.  I’ve been busy working on a course I recently enrolled in.  It’s an intensive program with a significant amount of homework so in order to stay on top of it I have had to cut down on some things.  Hence I haven’t been posting as usual and this is why it’s been more quiet around here.

    Last month in this post I shared about my goals for this year and that “invest” is the word I choose to focus on.  You might remember one of the areas I was investing in is personal growth specifically launching my own jewelry shop.  I was very fortunate to discover the Flourish & Thrive Academy which focusses specifically on starting and running a jewelry business.  When I found out they offer courses I knew this was something I needed to invest in for my business.

    I have been thinking, planning and brainstorming for close to a year now about this.  There is so much more to starting a business than I could imagine even something seemingly as simple as setting up an Etsy shop.  I was kind of “winging it” and not really heading anywhere soon so I knew I needed to take this step and be more proactive.

    This course is providing a wealth of knowledge and honestly I would not have even considered some of the lessons they are teaching.  I’m now rethinking opening an Etsy shop and leaning towards having my own website instead.  This will take more work and a bit longer than I had hoped to launch (this spring).  However, from everything I am learning I think this approach makes the most sense. I’ll keep you all posted as I move along this exciting new journey.  Anywho don’t want to bore you with too many details but know that I’m still here and you can catch me on Instagram too where I try to be more active.

    It’s been so cold and I’ve been cooped up indoors studying or at work so I wanted some pretty bright colours to cheer me up.  How gorgeous are these Steals Under picks in Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year: ultra violet.  I can’t wait for spring to start adding more colour to my wardrobe and can’t wait for more sunshine too.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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