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    New Year Reflections & Favourite Style Posts of 2016

    Happy New year my cute comfies! 2017 is one jam packed year for my family from weddings, Anniversary’s, milestone birthdays, and even a new baby (no I’m not pregnant in case you were wondering).  I’m excited for this year and definitely want to make it a great one.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean in any unrealistic or grandiose resolution type of way…you know the usual goals to “eat 100% healthy”, “go to the gym everyday” and other resolutions we hear about this time of year which are often unsuccessful.  No I’m more referring to smaller yet significant things to enhance life such as being more present with family and friends and showing more kindness not only to others but also to myself (I can be quite the harsh self-critic as many of us are).  I don’t believe in resolutions but I do think making conscious effort for more subtle changes is a practical way to start off a new year. Those smaller changes can often make more of an impact on your quality of life, be it eating out less, calling friends/family more often as opposed to only communicating via text or social media, trying something new and the like.

    Whatever you do make sure you are not letting your circumstances whether it is finances, a job, or dysfunctional family situations come in the way of the joy you can experience from all of the little things you come across in everyday life such as a smile from a stranger, a kind gesture or eating that delicious meal.  From my own personal experience something which has made a difference is having quality time with my girls and hubby on Sundays.  Sunday’s are a day I look forward to as we get to sleep in and enjoy church in the morning but soon after that I would often start thinking about work the next day.  This would sometimes impact my ability to fully engage or appreciate my family time.  I used to check work e-mails to prepare for Monday and this could add stress to my day given my work is crisis driven so I would often be reading about an urgent matter.  Well I’m happy to say for the last few months this is no more…I have made a conscious effort to fully enjoy my Sunday’s not only in the morning but the entire day as it’s still the weekend and my time off.  I am not checking e-mails any longer as it can wait until I get to work on Monday.  These are the kind of things I want to work on and it really is all of those smaller life adjustments that make such a difference.

    Today I wanted to share my favourite style posts from 2016, just click on the links to be taken to the post where you can get all of the deets on these looks:

    1. Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag  /2. Burgundy Off-The-Shoulder Dress From SheIn
    3. Maxi Skirt Two-Piece Set  /4.  Classic Fall Kicks: Adidas Superstar Sneakers

    5. Casual Chic Style Made Easy  / 6. Black and White Chic For Fall
    7. Being Stylish On a Budget: Old Navy Style  /  8. My End of Year Look: Off-the-shoulder Sweater

    I’ve decided to take a bit of a hiatus from the blog as I need to focus on my new upcoming position at work and prioritizing family time. I will continue to post on Facebook and Instagram periodically if you want to follow along there.  Hope the beginning of 2017 treats you all well and I really look forward to seeing you all back later in February for another fun year ahead here on the blog.


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