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    Styling A Spring Moto Jacket

    1.tassel earrings / 2. clutch / 3. Suede (faux) jacket / 4. Chiffon dress / 5. Steve Madden heels / 6. long earrings /7. fringe clutch /8. Suede moto / 9. peplum tank / 10. booties / 11. White skinnies

    A spring moto jacket has always been one of my wardrobe essentials.  For this season I’m gravitating toward neutral suede options since they are lightweight. Suede also looks great with all the floral and pastel colours you see this time of year.  I choose these two with the first one (#3) being faux suede so it’s the more budget-friendly option.  The second (#8) is a buttery soft suede and more edgy so I choose to style that one more casually. I love both looks equally and how amazing are those lace-up heels and that chic pleated peplum tank?! I tempt myself way too much when I’m searching but hey that’s part of the fun of fashion blogging.

    A moto jacket is also a piece you can wear to a formal event with a dress as I styled it above.  It gives an unexpected and fresh take on a glam outfit.  Also you can go super casual and comfy styling one of these moto’s with joggers and sneakers for a day out of errands or going to the gym.  Either way one thing is for sure a spring moto jacket adds an effortless cool edge to any outfit. Here are some of my fave ways to style my moto:



    Some of my fab blogger friends have recently styled moto jackets for spring, check out Blaire’s perfect styling and Amy Ann’s ultra cool look with the exact one I featured above.

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